The Flamenco Show
Featuring Jose Maria Moreno & Esther Suarez
Concept 2000 - The Flamenco Show Born to Andalusian family, Jose Maria Moreno was influenced by his father, also a flamenco guitarist. Possesing a strong attraction to flamenco since childhood Mr. Moreno began playing the guitar when he was only seven years old. At eleven, he began his formal training and at the age of twelve, he made his professional debut as a solo guitarist. As well as soloist, Mr. Moreno has achieved high professional prestige in the flamenco world far his ability to accompany all the different styles of dance and carte. Mr Moreno has performed for officials and heads of state including Emelda Marcos, President Lacasof Panama, and King Juan Carlos of Spain. From Carnegie Hall and Town Wall in New York, to Chiang Kai Shek Cultural Cenetr in Taiwan, to Thcatro Liceo in Argentina, Mr. Moreno by the age of 23, performed in over 24 countries, receiving lavish praise from press and public

Esther Suarez began her professional career as a classical ballet dancer. She has danced as a soloist with many ballet companies including Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre, Maryland Ballet, San Antonio Ballet, Milwaukee Ballet, and Ballet Puertorriqueno in San Juan, Puerto Rico. In 1983 she was selected to compete in the Dance Competition of the Americas. Ms Suarez has studied flamenco, classical spanish dance, and escuala bolero with renowned teachers in Madrid, Cordoba, and Seville, Spain. As a soloist and first dancer, Ms Suarez is proud to have shared the stage with noted figures in Spanish dance such as Orlando Romero, Mario Escudero, and Jose Molina.

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