Doctor Feelgood & The Interns Of Love
Concept 2000 - Dr. Feelgood And The Interns Of Love One of the most exciting high energy party bands on earth, Doctor Feelgood & The Interns Of Love are the nine best reasons to get up and move on over to the dance floor. Inspired by the 1983 release of "The Blues Brothers", this band aims to entertain. Their dynamic horn section crackles with it's tight arrangements and is as fun to watch as "The Interns of Love Dancers" performing their own highly stylized form of choreography. The rhythym section grinds out funky grooves that makes dancers out of the most confirmed of toe-toppers. The groups powerful vocal harmonies are the result of three exceptional lead vocalists capable of tearing the paint off the back walls. Phillip "The Dancin" Lenud is sure to cure whatever ails you with both his singing and acrobatic dance moves. Our own "Lady of Soul", Janice Edwards, sings a lead that not only tears the paint off the walls, it rips the siding off the house! With this band , the dance floor is always full .... favorites on the California party circuit, Doctor Feelgood & The Interns Of Love tear it up coast to coast, and around the world for groups like Sony, American express, Rubbermaid Canada, and Clinique to name a few.

If you want to dance the night away, then Doctor Feelgood & The Interns Of Love is the right prescription for your next event.

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