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The mobile stage with talent. In a couple of hours, you're up and running!
A whole new approach to staging events!

Photos of four steps in setting up a SL 250 Mobile Stage

The SL250 Mobile Stage sets the industry standards. Fairs and festivals, private or corporate events all ask for the SL250. It is simply the most user-friendly staging equipment to work with. Coveted for its speed and ease of setup, the SL250 Mobile Stage will save time and money for any event! It takes only two technicians one hour to setup without the need of site preparation or heavy machinery. The bottom line is YOU save on your bottom line! The SL250 Mobile Stage is perfect for your next event!


SL 250 Mobile Stage with projection screen
  • Setup in 1 hour with 2 technicians
  • 32' x 24' stage size
  • Fiberglass roof strong enough to stand 24' above ground level, bear loads of 12,000lbs & sound wings up to 1 ton per side
  • Resists 70 mph winds
  • Deck & roof all preassembled
  • Trailer is moving billboard
  • Up to 90% reduction in time & manpower!

Trailer & Cargo
No need to load the stage on a is the trailer! Interior space lets you haul tons of equipment, eliminating the need for extra trucks keeping your cost to a minimum. Some of the toughest tours and festivals in the business testify to the SL 250's exceptional durability and reliability!

Automated Operations
Stage units consist of 4 basic hinged floor and roof panels that open and raise at the touch of a button. Setup is clean, safe, and so effortless it can be done without tools.

Staging Systems
The unit transforms into a load-bearing building structure. All the gear you need can be flown from the integrated sound wings. Entirely self-standing, the stage and roof will resist extreme winds. Windwalls, fastened with a click, enhance your lighting and protect from the elements.

Image & Sponsorship
Visibility is a critical factor in any event. Our mobile stages and trailers provide many different opportunities for signage. If your looking for sponsorship visibility, you'll fall in love with the advertising possibilities...backdrops, banners, overheads!

With the SL250 Mobile Stage, the days of time-consuming hard work are over. The best news is that the greatest stage in the market is also the greatest value on the market!

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SL 250 Specifications


Length: 45'
Width: 8' 6"
Height: 13' 4"
Cargo Space: 30' x 6' x 8'
Steel Storage Compartment: 12" x 16" x 5'
Cargo Capacity: 8,000lbs
Vehicle Weight: 22,000lbs


Type of Surface: Fiberglass bonded on steel
Length x Depth: 34' x 27'
Clearance (Inclined Roof): 17' x 20'
Overall Height From Ground (Adjustable): Up to 25'
Load Bearing Capacity: 12,000lbs
Rated Rigging Points: 8 x 1,000lbs
Front Overhang Extensions: 2 x 500lbs at 5'
Side Overhang Rigging Bars (Sound Wings): 2 x 1,000lbs at 3'

Stage Floor

Type of Surface: Plywood on steel
Length x Depth: 32' x 24' (up to 32' x 32')
Height From Ground: 3' 6" up to 5'
Capacity: 100lbs/sq ft

Practical Aspects

Installation Time: 1 hour/2 technicians
Personnel Required: 1 stagehand
Site Preparation: None
Heavy Machinery Required: None
Mode of Transport: 1 standard tractor trailer
Tailored Windwalls: Weatherproof, fire-retardant vinyl
Sponsor visibility: Rolling billboard, giant or small banners adapt to structure
Side Overhang Extensions: Slide-out of rigging bars up to 12'
Banner Hardware for Top of Roof: Standard 30"
Strategic Platform Supports: Rapid installation of covered sound wings



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