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See below for our full list of Virtual Reality and Simulator games.

TVS 2000 Motion Simulator - Six seater totally immersive motion simulator, which combines virtual reality with motion creating the newest and most exciting experience imaginable.

Alpine Racer - Bring the mountain to you! All the skiing none of the snow! See yourself skiing down the mountain on a 50" monitor as you move left and right! (7'9" x 4' 1/2" x 7' 6")

Twin Daytona USA Drive Simulator - Twin Seats. Go head to head with your friends in a NASCAR race. Who's the fastest? Three courses to choose from--Oval, Grand Canyon or Seaside. (72" x 63" x 59")

Manx TT - Thrilling Motorcycle Racing! 3-D graphics on two challenging courses! Choose from the coastline or a futuristic city at night. Watch out for those curves! (82" x 76" x 79")

Super Hang-On - VSD Single motorcyle simulator unit.

Top Landing (Airplane Landing Simulator) - Take a ride aboard a plane and try your landing skills without the danger. (3' x 65" x 59")

Urban Surfin' with 2 boards - Get ready for a WILD ride. Surf the ocean or snowboard down the mountain. Use the surfboard as an 8-way joystick to control "Biff Byte."

Home Run Derby- The ultimate pitcher verses batter confrontation. Pitcher controls speed, height and style of pitch. Batter's swing speed, angle and height is measured to determine trajectory and distance. (12' x 12')

Wave Runner - Feel the rush of jet sking! This unit will test your skill with every jump, as you blast through the waves to the finish line. (7'9" x 4' x 7'6")

Virtuality SU 2000 - Featured on MTV, The Today Show and 20/20. Experience a 3D virtual world with mapped graphics and stereo sound. OUT OF THIS WORLD!


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