Velcro Olympics
12X36 obstacle course, opponents wear velcro suites and try to complete the course. This game will keep your audience laughing for hours.

Bungee Run
Grab the velcro baton and get ready to compete. Look down your inflated lane and be ready for high intense fun. Ready ...Set... Go! You and your opponent have 32 feet to run, out reach each other , and drop your baton to mark your distance before you get pulled back. This game is the horizontal adaption of the popular bungee jumping. It has been featured on many game and competitive television shows.

Human Bowling
Ever dream of being a bowling ball? If so your dream has come true. Step inside and sit down in this human size bowling ball. Hold onto the handle as your friends roll you down the lane into life size bowling pins. This game is fun for all ages. Lets go for a strike!

Arena Boxing
Opponents wear hilariously oversized foam filled boxing gloves,and try to knock down their opponent while maintaining their balance on the bouncy floor. Very competitive and very safe.

Sports Arena
Whether it's baseball, football, or soccer, we can provide the inflated Sports Arena, and radar gun to measure your speed and accuracy.

Velcro Wall
Be the fly in the spider's web. Put a velcro lined jump-suite on over your clothes... run, jump and stick to the wall sideways, face-out, upside down, ect. The most popular inflatable piece.

Ladder Climb
Try to race your friends up the rope ladder... Known as a "sucker game ".... looks easy ...very hard to do.

Human Spheres
Walk, don't run, inside a 6' diameter air filled , clear sphere, just like a giant gerbil ball. Picture yourself weaving through a slalom course to the finish line. Great for team building.

Gladiator Joust
Two gladiators face each other while perched atop elevated platforms over an inflated pillow... of course the object of the game is to knock each other off using the padded joust poles.

Ball Blast
A new kind of ball game. Two participants, starting with five balls each, attempt to blast through the six holes in the center wall. The one with the least number of balls at the end of the timed match wins.

Team Challenge
Double the fun by having the participants run over, under, and through the obstacles to the rear wall, then do it all over again when they return to the starting line.

Slam Dunk
For the budding NBA player. Participants crawl through the tunnels, climb out of the pits, dribble past the defense, squeeze through the wall to "Slam Dunk" their way to victory.

Inflated Slide
Climb up...up...up...and slide down...down...down...then go back and do it again. Great for kids and adults ...up to three hundred participants an hour. Over 17' high.

Casper's Fun House
A great obstacle course for the kids ..... go in through the spider web door ... pass over and under the monster obstacles, then out the exit door. We can also provide indoor running lights and fog for your special event.

Kids will love walking into the mouth, weaving through the biffers, baffers, and more. Watch them line up for this 55' long attraction, and the parents line up at the clear plastic portholes to see the little ones inside.

Wally the Whale
More excitement for the kids! Ho-Ho-Ho- and a bottle of fun as they travel through the pirate theme obstacles and slide down the whale's tail for a grand exit.

Boomer's Ball Park
Just like at your favorite fast food restaurant, except you don't have to order a kid's meal. Full of fun with punching bags, crawl tubes, rope ladders, tubular slide and ball pit. A 22' long trailer of excitment.



Moon Bounces/ Ball Bounce
A wide selection of styles and sizes

Baja Sprints or Barracuda Boats
Whether its boats or can expect good competitive fun. Three remote control 1/12th scale cars sprint down the inflated race course, over, and around sand hill jumps, obstacles and curves. Want boats...we have boats! Same concept but it's two boats racing through the water in the inflated 35' race course.

Batter Up or Batting Buddy
Choose your game. The Batter Up feeds balls which you attempt to hit toward 1st, 2nd, 3rd base or home run. Includes the 20'x20' inflated batting cage.The Batting Buddy provides a continuously circling ball, which the batter attempts to hit. Provides voice response to batters hits. So get your peanuts and crackerjacks and let's play ball.

Driving Range
Fore! Find the next Tiger Woods to hit the pro circuit, The "Distance Caddy" will electronically measure your driving distance. Play golf in a 17'x21'x17' custom inflatable.

Laser Assault
The only laser guns that fire a duel laser beam, giving you double the firepower. Our Arena is complete with fog, sound and black lighting, Great for individuals or teams. 1300 sq.ft.


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