Miniature Golf
Nine holes of golf with an attendant booth, putters, golf balls, obstacles and score cards. The only portable miniature golf with putters for wheelchair bound players.

Water Wars
Competitors launch "water bombs" from their battle stations...trying to soak each other! An excellant game for family or team competition. Just like at Sea World and Six Flags.

Human Gyro
As seen on the David Letterman Show and at Disneyland. Created to train NASA pilots and space you get the chance. Provides an exhilirating non-impact aerobic experience.

Twice the fun.... two participants face off in the Tumbler, and by utilizing their old childhood "see saw" skills, get the Tumbler going over and over.

Trampoline Thing
How would you like to jump up to 20 feet in the air... turn flips...and have the time of your life! Almost as much fun to watch as to do. Good for participants 35lbs. and up.

Rodeo Roper
Just the thing for the drugstore cowboy in your group. Have Tex climb atop the full size fiberglass horse and ride while attempting to rope a calf that runs on a track in front of the horse. Also makes a fantastic photo opportunity. Western prop package available.

Hi- Strikers
Show off your muscles...hit the base and send the chaser up the tower to ring the bell. We have different heights and styles.

Nascar Racing
It's the green flag and their off. Car #1 moves out in front down the straight-away. Car #4 is moving up fast and now they are neck and neck into the turn. Suddenly car # 1 bumps car #4 and they both skid into the wall. What a pile up!. Car #2 and car #3 dueling for the lead. They are head to head, and its going to be close. It's car #3 through the checkered flag. What a race ladies and gentleman! Nascar Racing comes complete with expandable banked oval race track 20' x 24', 4-6 stock cars each 20" long capable of racing up to 60 mph, and 4-6 racing stations. Corporate logo's and banners can be on or above the track

Double Shot Basketball
Play one or two players at a time. Double shot electronically scores each shot made. If you shoot more than 30 points, you go to the next round, and so on. This game is very fun and addicting.

Sumo Wrestling
Giant oversized costumes, foam filled, velcro enclosers, supplied with helmets and gloves as each wrestler trys to knock over their opponent.


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